If you should be dissatisfied with your purchase, for whatever reason, and it has been less than 28 days since you placed your order, we would gladly accept return of the goods and will provide you with a full refund of the items.


It is critical that you can answer YES to these questions:

  • Are all of the products in their original undamaged packaging?
  • Are all the products unopened, unused with the seals fully intact?
  • Did you order the items less than 28 days ago?


It is very important to follow the Returns Procedure. This will help us process your request faster and ensure that we can refund your money as soon as possible.


In order to avoid unnecessary delays and costs when processing your return you must notify us via email of your intent to return a product to us. We will then send you the necessary instructions via email.


Re-pack all of the items you want to return into the original box, pack with the filler/bubble wrap provided to ensure that the items are protected in transit. Re-seal the box well with tape and attach clear address details over the original postal address on your box. If you no longer have the original box, please use an appropriate substitute and ensure that the items are packed with suitable filler to protect them. Please note that any items that are damaged in transit will not be eligible for a refund. It is therefore imperative that you take great care in packing all the items.


As soon as we have received the returned items, we will confirm this by email. We will then process the parcel and confirm that each of the items are in the same condition they were when despatched.


When all of the items are confirmed as being in the correct condition, then we will gladly process your refund.