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Skin Care Direct distributor authorized to distribute some of the most effective and trusted brands in professional skin care.

We provide remarkable service and amazing offers, and we aim to assist

everyone in achieving healthy, radiant skin.

Our qualified skin care therapist is available to provide professional advice on any skin care concern that you might have.


High-Performance Skin Care

Vitaderm combines state-of-the-art ingredient technology with advanced neutriceuticals that delivers professional treatment to meet diverse application needs.

As a high quality skin care range, Vitaderm applies the latest research in advanced active ingredients and natural resources to deliver significant improvement of skin health.


Wesson Therapeutics

Taking Care of Compromised Skin

Wesson Therapeutics offers highly effective treatment for more serious afflictions such as burns, wounds and post-operative scarring.

Included formulations are also perfectly suited for the care of sensitive and allergy-prone skin conditions and for after-care treatment following a spectrum of anti-ageing procedures.


Sport Zone

Enhanced Sporting Performance

The Sport Zone range contains products that offer a warm-up and cool-down effect, as well as skin soothing and healing benefits.

The prominent ingredient throughout the range is activated oxygen, also known as ozone. It has the ability to permeate through the epidermis to oxygenate underlying tissues, thereby dramatically reducing muscle stiffness due to over-exertion.

Desert rose

Glow Booster

Transform your skin care routine with this luxurious beauty oil blended with ultra-conditioning African extracts of Marula, Kalahari Melon and Namibian Myrrh.

This multi-functional face and body oil has an exquisite aroma due to the high-quality essential content and is the ultimate Glow Booster for skin, nails and hair. Suited for all skin types and perfectly compliments your current skin care routine.

Free Skin Analysis

Our product specialist is ready to provide you with a FREE skin analysis so you can be sure to select the right product for you.

Skin Care Direct Distributor

Our Promise To You

At Skin Care Direct, we have made it our business to ensure that all the product ranges that we represent adhere to strict policies. We guarantee that they are free of:

- Petrochemical ingredients

- Paraben preservatives

- Artificial fragrances and colours

- Cyclomethicone and cyclopentasiloxane

- SD alcohol

- Formaldehyde-donor preservatives

These products are not tested on animals, nor do the formulations contain any animal-derivatives as ingredients.

Look Good, Feel Good!

We understand that effective skin care can be confusing, intimidating and expensive.

But on its own, your skin cannot win the constant battle against ageing, the harsh elements, stress and the other things life is dishing out.

Your skin needs the best care you can give.